Urgent Care in Yorktown Heights, NY

When you’re feeling sick, or you’re facing an allergic reaction, or you’ve been injured playing a sport, you may think to visit your primary care physician or take a trip to the emergency room.  But what happens when your physician can’t see you for another week, or the cost of an emergency room hospital bill makes you cringe?  You have two other choices when it comes to immediate, cost-effective medical care: urgent care centers and retail clinics.

Urgent care centers and retail clinics are being used more often instead of the emergency room or a physician’s office for non-life threating illnesses and injuries.  These two facilities allow patients to bypass the wait and cost of the ER and provides an alternative to an overbooked physician.  While the two facilities have similar services, there are differences in what they may offer.

Retail clinics usually focus their services on minor illnesses and injuries rather than the more acute medical services urgent care centers can provide.  Retail clinics provide treatment for minor infections and illnesses such as strep throat, influenza, or joint sprains.  Also, because retail clinics don’t have a patient’s medical history, it can hinder the level of services and care they can provide.

AFC Urgent Care Yorktown Heights can be your go-to destination for all of your urgent care needs.  We provide the same services and treatments as your local retail clinic and more!  Some of the services we provide include:

  • On-site lab testing
  • Digital x-ray services
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Travel vaccination and medicine
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Treatment for allergy relief
  • Treatment for upper respiratory infections like strep throat and the flu
  • Occupational health needs such as screenings and surveillance exams
  • Physicals – Sport and camp, pre-employment, DOT, and immigration

At AFC Urgent Care Yorktown Heights, we set ourselves apart by being able to offer a wide range of medical services at a low cost on a walk-in basis.

Visit any day during the week and one of our experienced physicians will treat you for your acute illness or injury.  Our physicians will go over your medical history to make sure we can provide you with quality care specific to you.

For more information on the services we provide, please call us at 914-930-5550.